Thursday, May 21, 2009

my wonderful birthday prezzies

Yeah well if partying hard wasn't enough, my wonderful friends and family gave me some fab prezzies. & they all seem to fall into these categories: 1920's, tee & toasty or nice & bright.

My very thoughtful boyfriend Paul bought me the most amazing camera, i've had my eye on it for some time and now i own a wonderful Nikon 40 automatic & SLR. WOW - so i decided to use it to help write a wee blog all about my prezzies :)

tee and toasty:
my wonderful friend rob drew these awesome tee and toast comics, inspired by different t-shirts designs. i can't believe how much thought and effort went into this present - and apparently there is more comics to come. i can't wait :) check out rob's art on

very tee and toasty - MEMO TOAST, how crazy is this present from my lovely friend Big Lisa. you push down the lever and a memo note flies through the air, just like a crazy popping piece of toast. so i'll be making many notes to myself just for the excuse to use it! hee hee hee. love it!

My friend roisin's present is also nice and toasty, cosy polka heart pj's. Pajamas are probably my 2nd favourite item of clothing after t-shirts, soo yeah PJ's :)

nice & bright:

Look at this beautiful present from my friend Elaine, even the wrapping was sooo nice - I had to take a photo. It's such a compliment when friends are able to look at something and know you'll love it. Elaine bought this wonderful pouch from a shop on etsy called Glamour Damaged, and the colours are just soo nice & bright :)

I also got this wonderful wallet from Helen, with a beautiful butterfly emblem embossed onto the purple leather. It really is gorgeous, especially with the orange lining. The purple and orange are amazing together.

aren't the colours and pattern on this lampshade fantastic? this was a present from my boyfriend's family. Paul's little sister choose this i am sure, as she knows i am crazy for colours and patterns. it now has a wonderful new home brightening up our kitchen.

who can turn 30 without some bling? but also some colours, these bangles and rings are really going to be fab accessories to lots of outfits, thanks Helen for the colour & thanks Big Lisa for the colour :)A big C for Claire - woohoo

Gorgeous isn't it? this lovely jewellery box is from my big sis Emma, along with some other bits and bobs and as it fitted in so well with my 1920's party theme.

And wow - unfortunately this prezzie arrived after my party but my big Brother Damian and his lovely wife & girls, the dog & 2 goldfish. But it is an illustration of a flapper girl/ butterfly from the cover of life magazine. For me it also symbolizes life is gonna start at 30... woo hoo.

Sorry if i forgot to mention you - i honestly got far too much to blog about, but i'm not complaining. I'd lots of lovely baking supplied by my mum and my friend Emer, lots and lots of fizz to help keep the celebrations lasting longer, silly toys, vouchers, spa breaks, money, flowers, perfume & smellies & lots and lots of nice other things. i am a very lucky girl so thank you XXX

it was my birthday, hurray :)

Unlike most i love it when it's my birthday, even this year with it being the big 3.0! As long as i grow old happy and healthy, i'm looking forward to the next 3o... or maybe 60 years life wants to throw at me. So anyway, the reason i love my birthday is because for the past few years i've been notorious for throwing (amazing, if i do say so myself) parties with a theme. From Jamaican BBQ's, Mexican Fiesta's, Beach Bum Camping, umm what else... oh yeah my favourite, Bring an Inflatable Object & Fancy Dress Accordingly (hee hee that was funny!), Bring a Bottle Cocktail Night & last but not least A 1920's Speakeasy Tea Party!

The rules were: 1920's attire, so girls in flapper dresses, beads & feathered head bands. guys in smart suits, bow ties, braces, waistcoats, trilby's and the odd nasty moustache floated about!
Drinking was only allowed to be out of teacups - just in case the prohibition police knocked on the door. & finally no entry without the password: WHOOP DEE DOO!

It really was a tee-rrific night, with everybody putting in alot of well appreciated effort. So special thanks to Me - for annoying everyone with my 1920's music, jeez it was only to set the mood peeps! Rob for organising the overhead projector which showed old episodes of laurel and hardy. Paul for helping to get the house tidy on time, my lovely mum who baked her little socks off, Ursula for surprising me with a wonderful cake (the candles all lit up a different colour!) & to everybody else for turning up & making it such a wonderful birthday.

drum roll please...
(i doubt any of these read my blog but i have a few awards i'd like to hand out...)
best dress: posh rosh :)
best hair: gemma (wow)
best hairdresser: rachel (thanks for doing my hair!)
best tash: k man scullion
biggest feather in their hair: big lisa
best dressed man: uum i might be biased, but tuff i'm giving it to boyfriend paul
best accessory: christopher for his puffing cigar
best teacup: me because most of your forgot to bring your own! tut tut. (2nd place to emer!)
best cocktail of the night: i'm giving that to paul cassidy - thanks for making paul pass out :)
best party goer - all you guys, thanks :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

yummy! grazing!

Have you seen YUM YUM, i got this delicious box of treats through my door with love from Mr Postie. It's such a good idea - for £2.99 delivered, you can pick 4 from the 139 healthy & tasty products the have on the menu to fill your box with. They vary from fruit, nuts, seeds, savoury snacks and natural treats!

But as i work from home and have most of the ingredients already lying around my kitchen cupboard, I'll probably only treat myself to this box of surprises once in a while. Although i can remember the days when i was stuck in an office for hours with only the nasty choccie vending machine for company! So this is the perefect - healthier alternative for those of you who want to graze at your desk.

You can get a FREE box with my feed your friends code: B4CY7XGH


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Black Market CQAF 10th May

heya'll hope you can make it down to the black market, its superdooper :)

Black Market is a celebration of creativity and the DIY spirit, a marketplace showcasing the work of independent artists, designers, illustrators and crafters alongside bountiful stalls from collectors of records, books and vintage clothing. The event offers a unique opportunity to meet these talented creatives, to purchase their wares, trade ideas and hopefully leave feeling inspired to create things yourself.

In this special festival market we take over the festival marquee presenting our biggest market yet along with:

Craft demos
Bicycle repair workshop
Really Rubbish Orchestra (join in and play skateboard guitars)
'Draw-In' event
Caricature drawing from PJ Holden
Live painting from Kev Largey

With live music from:

Hornby's Swing Band
Pawet Bignell
JL Seagull
Robert Holmes

As always, delicious sweet and savoury home-cooked food is available, with guest DJs throughout the day.

Custom House Square. Belfast.
Tomorrow Sunday 10th May
Midday til - 4

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

teeandtoast loves owls.

i'm not sure when this love for owls started, but they are such wise & cute fellas - so why would you hate them. I wish i had a nice flowery garden & (liked!!!) gardening - so i could buy this wee guy - he's a gardening fork! I spotted him in asda the other day...

maybe he would be happy living indoors in a plant pot instead... hmmmmm! he'd have gnomes for company!

(oooh yeah they had monster forks too's!)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

lovely mugs...

Hey guys, i just realised that i had talked about these mugs a while ago on twitter but forgot to add in a pic for all you to see. These wonderful hand drawn mugs are all designs from some of our fave teeandtoasty t-shirts! At the minute they are only available to buy on our stall at St George's Saturday Market or at any crafty event that we are doing. But if you really want to buy one online - give us a shout and we can sort it out. I promise to have them up on the website soon!

you can follow us on twitter...

Friday, May 01, 2009

in the press... sustained magazine issue 009

oooh look we are on page 28... of sustained magazine - wonderful stuff :)

Sustained is a magazine that aims to get the public to consider making small changes to their lifestyle to make them more sustainable and ethically led. I think it's a great read.