Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Get 21% off at until the 21st June - WORLD T-SHIRT DAY! yip yip yurray!!!

Enter the code: TSHIRTDAY at checkout and hit the refresh button. Enjoy!

Also if you are on twitter
we are running silly competitions in the run up to World T Shirt Day.
Todays comp is to tweet us your favourite or silliest joke, the joke that brings the biggest smile to my face wins a free t-shirt worth £20.

Tomorrows comp i think will be doodle based, so keep your eye on twitter to find out more!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

what are you doing on interntional t-shirt day?

I know it's father's day - but it is also International T-shirt Day on Sunday the 21st June, so come visit your local t-shirt company teeandtoast at our stall at the Black Market 12pm – 5pm.

Black Market is a celebration of creativity and the DIY spirit, a marketplace showcasing the work of independent artists, designers, illustrators and crafters alongside bountiful stalls from collectors of records, books, tshirts and vintage clothing. The event offers a unique opportunity to meet these talented creatives, to purchase their wares, trade ideas and hopefully leave feeling inspired to create things yourself.

Black Market
Black Box, Hill St, Belfast
Sunday 21st June
12pm – 5pm
Free Admission

International T-Shirt Day
June 21 is the day on which T-shirt fans worldwide will celebrate International T-Shirt Day for the second year in a row. There is already a virtual party room available online at, where t-shirt enthusiasts can get information about this year’s festivities surrounding the event.

Celebrations officially start off with an “Open Runway” held in both Boston and Berlin, Germany. On this open-air fashion runway, T-shirt designers and T-shirt fans will have the opportunity to show their personal designs and looks centred around the world’s most universal clothing item.

In order to wet the appitite for the holiday, T-shirt blogger Adam Fletcher started a countdown to T-Shirt Day which consists of daily contests, riddles and promotions on T-shirt blogs and T-shirt shops around the world. See his schedule here.

Monday, June 08, 2009

we love made in belfast

I'm not sure if i've blogged about this restaurant before or not, but it's worth blogging about twice anyway! Made In Belfast is one of my favourite places in Belfast and a definite place to put onto your to-do list if you are a local or a visitor to the city. It is quirky, eclectic and decorated with a mish mash style that gives it a very unique personality. I love how they serve their chips in enamel beakers and the wine glasses hang from a chandelier, but most importantly it ticks these boxes, EXCELLENT food, FRIENDLY service & ENJOYABLE atmosphere.

I was there on saturday night with a hen party (i should probably apologise to the other customers if we where too loud, but we were all just having the craic!) and the bride-to-be Sam choose the best meal on the menu - i'm still dreaming about her delish salsa monkfish. so i am trying to persuade the boyf to go out for dinner this week just so i can order my own. I think it might be a done deal as i also keep raving about their Bailey's cheesecake - and he's a sucker for cheesecake, heh hee hee :)

Anyway this weekend it is Made In Belfast's 1st birthday, so happy birthday guys and congratulations to Emma the owner, you have made something Belfast should be proud of.

028 90246712

Friday, June 05, 2009

Xmas prezzies in June?!?

There was a knock on the door this morning, i thought it was going to be my hungover brother saying hello and looking for his t-shirt order. Instead it was the postman with a giant box. As it had been my boyfriend Paul's birthday yesterday - i just presumed it was for him, but NO there was my name. It was for MEEEE!

The senders of the parcel are my wonderful and dearest best buddies Amanda (panda) and Corey, originally from Kansas (Panda was my old room mate at University of Kansas... KUUUU! That's how we met!) but now these folks live in the fab city of Chicago.

Anyway the parcel arrived filled with belated xmas prezzies, postcards from their travels and bits and pieces to let me know that these guys are always thinking of us... aww so sweet, and really cheered me up as i am feeling a little bit blue today. The funny thing is - for those who read my twitter, yesterday i said : "i wish i was magically being whisked off to renegade craft fair in Brooklyn this weekend."

It must be magic as the parcel contained some Renegade goodie
s from last years Chicago's fair. A wonderful renegade t-shirt and this hilarious card :) Isn't that just a lil bit spooky?

THANK YOU PANDA & COREY! I love everything - and I was a good girl not to sneak-a-peak at Paul's prezzie!

if you want to follow me on twitter....

P.s isn't my picnic table condiment set awesome :)

silly billy cards.

Hee hee hee - these silly billy cards make me smile. They are a bit daft and this was my 1st attempt so i think i need to work on them a bit more. But potentially some day, these happy & bright new cards will be on the website soon. In the mean time these boyo's & some other crazy creations will be available from us at St George's Saturday Market in Belfast.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

don't forget about your daddy's, pop's, pa's n da's. FATHER'S DAY SUNDAY 21st JUNE

Father's Day is just around the corner - on Sunday the 21st June, so check out our cute idea's that will tell your dad how tea-rrific you think he is. We recommend ordering no later than Tue 16th June, if you live in the UK want your goodies to arrive in time.

here are some friendly suggestions:

cards - make sure you don't miss out on one of our "Daddy - you're tea-rrific!" cards. Each one is hand doodled for extra character and we use fair trade teabags in our design.

t-shirts - there are plenty to choose from but all dad's seem to have a fave... my dad's loves "Hello i'm Johnny Cash!" (it was news to me but apparently there is some joke floating around the golf club - it would be toooo long a story to tell you all!) Or maybe your dad will love, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Stevie Wonder... or maybe Mr T(ea)? And is the old man a bit of a dinosaur - he'd need to have a good sense of humour though! hee hee hee

mugs - there is plenty to choose from here too and all dads love to drink tea don't they?! As well as a "Make me some damn tea!" mug you could also throw in a bag of tea-rrrific tea!

but most importantly of all, make sure if you can to tell your dad you love them and give them a big squeezzy hug. that is the best present of all and probably all they really want :)


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Masterpiece 2.0 is a social media art project by Baschz and Selfcontrolfreak.

Masterpiece 2.0 is a social media art project by Baschz and Selfcontrolfreak. It’s the first ever canvas being made with a Web 2.0 approach. It's pretty hard to explain unless you go to the site for yourself and watch whats happening, but it is so amazing - you'd be missing out if you didn't pay a visit.

The canvas interacts with its visitors who can affect the process and final outcome of this masterpiece. So teeandtoast have decided to join in the fun and have submitted our robot t-shirt for the Selfcontrolfreak to wear in the SHIRT 'EM process. Baschz comic book style is awesome and the flow is very comical, it keeps bringing a smile to my face.

We can't wait to watch Baschz paint live on the canvas, through the webcam or the time-lapse movies on youtube and we can also literally watch paint dry...

there is also the making of.. pictures on flickr and updates on twitter.

but we will keep you posted on what's happening too.

Selfcontrolfreak the other half to Masterpiece 2.0 is a character all on his own. He has a side project on his website that is filled with interactive video's. With the click or nudge of a mouse you can make him do lots of silly things, some are just so plain simple that they are entertaining. Others like hoovering the grass at night or dunking his head into a bucket of cold water are just absurd slapstick. BE WARNED: #10 is disgusting DON'T CLICK ON IT. unless your a boy or like gross stuff! :) DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!!

Video #13 i can only presume will end up very messy as you have to feed the Selfcontrolfreak beer. i only got through a few cans, but maybe when i've a bit more time on my hands I'll see how wasted he gets. But really i'm more interested in hearing him belch from drinking all that beer so quickly!