Thursday, April 30, 2009

fairy doodle with posca pens

I got an exciting delivery the other day of wonderful posca pens, & this lil fairy was my 1st little doodling adventure. & hopefully i'll find a new home for it soon :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bella the Teeandtoast Delivery Bicycle

I arrived home on Saturday from a hard day at the Market to be greeted by this wonderful new addition to the teeandtoast family. My brilliant boyfriend Paul had hidden the surprise in his car overnight - but was have second thoughts on whether I'd love it or not. he was worried as it is massive and black (not a very teeandtoasty colour!) But i totally love it, & i've been wanting a basket for my old bike for ages, but he managed picked this whole caboodle on ebay for a bit of a bargain.

So i have name the new bike Bella - mainly because her bell make a wonderful bbrrrring noise! And once we get the wheels pumped up I can't wait to use her to take all my teeandtoast packages & parcels to the post office! More photies will follow xxx

so black isn't my fave colour, we are thinking of painting it a brighter colour! but i think i'd feel bad about painting over the logo and losing some of her character, so i might have to invest in some streamers and stickers instead! the bike is made in china by a company called Flying Pigeon, and you can see some cool pics & read all about them here...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

yeah sunshine!

yeah the sun is shining so i am off for a super dooper walk on the beach. i've got these super dooper big, yellow sunglasses that i snagged from my folks house to keep my eyes nicely protected.

i hope everybody is having a fabulous sunny sunday - and like me ditching the dishes and housework for some ME time!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

bespoke topsy and tim mug

I got a request at the market last week to make a bespoke mug, with everyones favourite twin duo... Topsy & Tim. Do you remember the books from your childhood? I loved them as a kid - so i was up for the challenge!

Most of my bespoke mug orders are always a bit out there. After i finished this mug i wasn't sure if it was weird in a wonderful way or a bit creepy. they more i look at it - the more confused i am.

Anyway if you have a special request for a bespoke hand drawn mug - please get in touch. It's always fun to do: