Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Did you know we moved blogs? It is now part of our website and you can check it out here...



sorry we forgot to tell you sooner :(

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Get involved in SWAG arts & culture fanzine!

Following on from early fanzines 'anonymous' and 'misbehave' I figure it is the right time to get something new on the go again :)

So... SWAG is a free arts & culture zine in a limited run of 200 copies. I’m hoping to get a free demo CD in each one and will be 32 glorious pages of your stuff & nonsense... Yes, I need your help...

Original artwork, photography, poetry, comics, editorial or something completely different… I’ll leave that up to you

I’m aiming for a 32 page zine, printed A5 black & white on some nice heavyweight recycled paper.

If you’re featured in SWAG I’ll make sure you get your copy in the post

Please send your submissions to submissions@swag.tv

If possible please send finished layouts! 300dpi A5 jpegs or PDF files etc would be great I don’t mind handmade and handwritten layouts and I can give you an address to post it to if you send me an email.

I hope you're keen to join in!


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Friday, April 30, 2010


hallelujah!!! my website is working again. ( Rob the Robot fixed it!) & it was bad spam bots who tried to kill it!


the website is down, hopefully not for long. emails are down too - so if you want anything, please get in touch here... cbrh79@googlemail.com


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

counting t-shirts day

OOPS we are a little late with our inventory - but better a few days late than never. after counting out all the hoodies, these songs popped into my head. i forgot how awesome sesame street was/is to watch as a child and it's still as good today. YAY! ENJOY THE MEMORIES :)