Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Did you know we moved blogs? It is now part of our website and you can check it out here...



sorry we forgot to tell you sooner :(

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Get involved in SWAG arts & culture fanzine!

Following on from early fanzines 'anonymous' and 'misbehave' I figure it is the right time to get something new on the go again :)

So... SWAG is a free arts & culture zine in a limited run of 200 copies. I’m hoping to get a free demo CD in each one and will be 32 glorious pages of your stuff & nonsense... Yes, I need your help...

Original artwork, photography, poetry, comics, editorial or something completely different… I’ll leave that up to you

I’m aiming for a 32 page zine, printed A5 black & white on some nice heavyweight recycled paper.

If you’re featured in SWAG I’ll make sure you get your copy in the post

Please send your submissions to submissions@swag.tv

If possible please send finished layouts! 300dpi A5 jpegs or PDF files etc would be great I don’t mind handmade and handwritten layouts and I can give you an address to post it to if you send me an email.

I hope you're keen to join in!


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Friday, April 30, 2010


hallelujah!!! my website is working again. ( Rob the Robot fixed it!) & it was bad spam bots who tried to kill it!


the website is down, hopefully not for long. emails are down too - so if you want anything, please get in touch here... cbrh79@googlemail.com


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

counting t-shirts day

OOPS we are a little late with our inventory - but better a few days late than never. after counting out all the hoodies, these songs popped into my head. i forgot how awesome sesame street was/is to watch as a child and it's still as good today. YAY! ENJOY THE MEMORIES :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT mother's day cards


tell mum how tea-rrific she is this Mothering Sunday the 14th March.
each card is made using a real fairtrade teabag & is uniquely doodled by hand.

You can also buy our card as part of Fairtrade Fortnight - Join in by swapping your usual stuff for Fairtrade stuff. We want one million and one swaps made! so swap your normal greeting card for one of our fairtrade tea cards! 22nd Feb - 7th March www.fairtrade.org.uk/thebigswap

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

our guide to valentine's day!

1. Sssh! keep it a secret!
each card can be handwritten with your special message & then we’ll post them for you. that way it’s a little more fun! hee hee!

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday so we will dispatch all the cards on Thursday 11th - it might arrive a little early, but we will have it clearly marked ‘Do not open until 14th February’.

2. Love yourself!
sod valentine's, roses, chocies or gems. a t-shirt is the best way to your heart right? here are two of our favourite happy tee's now at £15 squid each so you can treat yourself! wear it & say it proud!!!! 'I'm whaley happy...(without you!)' & 'I'm magic... (your loss!)'

3. Being goofy in love is more fun!
life is more fun with a bit of silliness - especially on valentine's day. all that lovey dovey stuff is a bit gross for us, so we think our ugly mugs are the best way to make your loved one smile. you send us the picture - we'll hand draw the ugly mug & customise it by name. add some tea-rrific tea too and then as an extra treat make a special brew for someone special! i know i'd be happy with that!

4. oh yeah, WE LOVE YOU TOO!

Friday, January 15, 2010

St George's Market is in the Top 10

The Guardian recently had a post about 10 of the Best... Markets. And little old St George's Market in Belfast came in 6th. WOOHOO!

St George’s market, Belfast
This is as much for entertainment as your five-a-day. Musicians serenade you around the Victorian market hall and you may catch a fashion show or food festival. Fridays are for those who want familiar veg, a nice bit of fish and the odd antique. Saturdays are for thrills. That’s when American cookie-makers and chocolatiers move in along with purveyors of fancy local meats and cheeses, continental pastries, speciality teas and pasta and Caribbean snacks. There are also plant and flower stalls and an abundance of arts and crafts.
by Anna Tims, theguardian.co.uk


Thursday, January 07, 2010


It's the 7th of January and it still feels like Christmas here at the teeandtoast bungalow... snow on the ground, mulled wine at bed time & belated Chrissy presents arriving in the post.

Yesterday i got the most wonderful surprise as a parcel had arrived all the way from Kansas, for me and my best friend Maeve, who had been up visiting from Cork for the New Year. It arrived a day to late for Mavis to see what we'd got - but i know she'll be over the moon once she finds out! I thought it was from our dear friend Mandy - but it turns out it is a present to the 3 of us from her dear hubby Corey.

He had met one of my other wonderful friends Kylie from www.earlyjewelry.com at her Chicago Renegade Craft Fair booth a few months ago and asked her to custom make this amazing set for us. The Kansas medallion has been cut into 3 pieces - just like the old fashioned broken heart charms. So we all have a missing piece each, along with a lil buffalo charm and has a quartz crystal that elegantly hangs down the back. I LOVE IT!

Mandy, Maeve & Me

Mandy, Maeve & Me have been bezzy friends since all living together for a while at The University of Kansas. Even though we have never lived in the same place as each other since... japan, austrailia, london, ireland, china, lala land & chicago. It has been 10 years since we met in Kansas - and we are still as close a trio as ever!

Yeah to BBF's!!!

& thank you so much to Corey's thoughtfulness!

& thank you so much to Kylie's fabulousness!