Sunday, May 02, 2010

Get involved in SWAG arts & culture fanzine!

Following on from early fanzines 'anonymous' and 'misbehave' I figure it is the right time to get something new on the go again :)

So... SWAG is a free arts & culture zine in a limited run of 200 copies. I’m hoping to get a free demo CD in each one and will be 32 glorious pages of your stuff & nonsense... Yes, I need your help...

Original artwork, photography, poetry, comics, editorial or something completely different… I’ll leave that up to you

I’m aiming for a 32 page zine, printed A5 black & white on some nice heavyweight recycled paper.

If you’re featured in SWAG I’ll make sure you get your copy in the post

Please send your submissions to

If possible please send finished layouts! 300dpi A5 jpegs or PDF files etc would be great I don’t mind handmade and handwritten layouts and I can give you an address to post it to if you send me an email.

I hope you're keen to join in!


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